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Do We Honor God?

Recently while singing in Church on Sunday morning, I glanced out the window looking out towards the street at the front of the church. Actually I have looked out there many times and I always take note of a large maple tree across the street. This of course is a normal tree in the normal sense of the word. But, what catches my eye each time is the way the main trunk of the tree leans way over to the right. It leans so far over, that one might expect it to fall over, much like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, it does not fall over, and all the branches reach up towards the sky, as if raising up their hands in worship to the Lord.

Similarly, many years ago, North Eastern Ontario and parts of Western and Central Quebec suffered through a severe and heavy ice storm that coated everything with several inches of ice.  The branches of the trees were so heavy with ice that they too were bent low to the ground, as if bowing in homage to the Lord.

It makes me to think of ourselves. Do we also honor God, by lifting our hands in worship to Him? Do we bow down to the ground in reverence to Him? God is in control of the natural world, so it is not a wonder that we see many wonderful sights outdoors that remind us of Him.

God is also in control of us as well, but He has also given us the opportunity to make our own choices in many areas of our life. When you have the opportunity to spend quality time with Him, do you lift your hands up in worship to Him? Do you bow down in reverence to Him? In church do you give lip service to Him? For example, when everyone is singing gospel songs together, is your heart with the Lord, or is your mind wandering about thinking of what you'll be doing after church, thinking of the football game that starts at three, thinking of your golf game yesterday etc. Are you really worshiping Him?

Just a thought!

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