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Jesus is Alive!

The Lord's Day

Today for most of the Christian world is the Lord's Day

How will you spend the day?

Will you lay it to waste in fun and games?
Will you play and commit adultery?
Will you sit in front of the T.V.?
Will you go to His house of worship and wish you weren't?
Will you sit and contemplate the game this afternoon?
Will you be at the lake catching a pan fry?
Will you be out kicking a ball?
Will you be planting a shrub for your darling dear?
Will you be watching the horses ride by with a bet you hope will pay?
Will you be a sloth, and sleep it away?

The Lord has commanded us to put aside one day of rest for Him.

What will you do?

Will you honour this day, and give Him praise?
Will you bow your head and pray?
Will you read His Word and hide it in your heart?
Will you drink His cup of suffering?
Will you eat of the bread?
Will you abide with fellow believers?
Will you sing praises to His name?

Tell me when I ask, what will you do?
Open now while you may, the door.
Knock and let Him open.
Seek and you shall find.
Kneel down and seek Him in prayer.
Ask and you shall find.
Open your heart to the one who loves.
Repent and Obey!

Tell me now when I ask!
What will you do?
Now is the day of salvation.
Now is the day of redemption.
Now is the day to seek and to find Him.
Now is the day to kneel and to pray.

What will you do with this Jesus?
Tell me now when I ask!

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