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Bible Interpretation

I attended a conservative Bible College. Like most conservative theologians, I believe that we should read the Bible as it is and read it at face value. Read it for what it says. Do not squeeze fuzzy interpretations into what it says. And the second rule of thumb is to let the Bible interpret the Bible. As you study scripture nearly 100 % of the time, what the scriptures say in one place can be found in another place or more. Granted there are some passages which are difficult to understand. Pray that the Lord would give you understanding in those areas.



Be a Doer!

It says in James 1:22 "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves." (King James Version)

This chapter of James talks in length about temptations. The general gist though that we need to understand is that it does you no good to read the word of God only. You and I also need to apply the Word of God into our lives. Otherwise it is worthless. You may as well throw your Bible away if you do not be a doer. Be a doer, follow the words of God and be obedient to God. Then and only then will you have freedom and victory .


Dig Into God's Word!

Yes.It is absolutely important that we spend lots of quality one on one time with God in prayerand  reading His Word. We need to be in fellowship with other believers as well, studying His Word.You cannot get to know another from far away. When we make friends, we develop that friendship by spending time with them. Likewise we need to do the same with God. His Word contains so much information that we need to dig into that spending only just a few minutes a day is almost worthless. When we read and study His Word, the Holy Spirit comes in along side of us and He opens up our hearts and minds to hear and understand the Word. What you learned and read yesterday is great. But the more you read and study, the more you get out of it. May I encourage you to get in there and study God's Word digging in deedply. At our kids club at church we call the club " Diggerz" That is we teach them and encourage them to dig into God's Word. We need to, to grow spiritually. So get at it, and dig into His Word.

The Main Message of Scripture

The main message of scripture is Jesus. He came for the sole purpose to free us from sins and to reconcile us back into fellowship with God. Keep that thought at all times. And let Him.

Take the Scriptures to Heart!

It is well to know the scriptures well inside out. But if they are not taken to heart, to follow after the Lord Jesus Christ, then all that knowledge is useless knowledge. The Pharisees and Saducees were a good example.

The Instruction Book

I think of a regular job one might be at. If you obey the directions of the foreman in a construction job, or any other, the project goes well and is completed well. Likewise, we are given an instruction book with the Bible, God's given Word to us. He is our maker, He knows our entire make up and what is best for us. If we obey and follow His commands, all will go well for us in His  grace and ways. We will complete the race set before us and will be well rewarded.

Why did God give us the Bible?

One of the reasons God gave us the Bible is to have examples for us to follow or not to follow. Sure we should follow the examples of the righteous one like Abraham. But we should not follow the example of the unrighteous like the kings of old whom went their own way and were later judged by God and were destroyed by Him.


Any and every Bible scholar will tell you, that you can read the Bible a million times, but there is always still something new to learn from it. Never stop reading and studying, never stop learning. Imagine what it will be like when God takes us home. He will open up our eyes to many hidden things. Wow, school today will seem like kindergarten and worse as compared to what He will teach us now and then.
Go for it. Study, learn and meditate and pray.


I was thinking as I read this about how guys have a tendency to ignore instructions that come with things you buy that you need to put together. Granted  many instructions we are given by man suck. But the instructions given by God are perfect. Imagine if we treated God's instructions for us the same way we treat instructions for bought projects. We may get some of it right. But for the most part we are going to blow it big time. So read and follow His instructions carefully and then you will transformed more and more into His image.

The Word of God

As food is necessary for the body, the Word of God is necessary for our souls. Study His Word, memorize His word, eat it, sleep it, walk it. Make it your all in all. For by immersing yourself in Him, will you find peace and rest and freedom from the bonds of slavery of sin.


A bank employee learns how to unmask a counterfeit bill by learning what a real one looks like. Then when a fake comes along, he will know it is a counterfeit. We, too, need to be in constant prayer and study in the Word of God so that when Satan and his followers try to fool us, we will know that it is not God but a counterfeit.


Quality Time

We all need to be spending lots of quality time reading and studying the Bible. When we do we draw much closer to Him. A few minutes here and there just does not cut it. It’s like going to school and taking only a few minutes a day learning a subject. You'll never be proficient at that subject if you only spend a few minutes a day. So jump in and get saturated in His Word. You won't regret it.






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