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(An Email to A Christian Online-Support Group)

If I were to have but only one breath left in my life knowingly, I believe I would not ask and pray to God for another for myself. But I would pray and ask that He would allow me but a few more breaths to reach out and plead for you my brothers to look to Him with all of your heart, with all of your soul, seeking, searching for Him, to fill you full of the Holy Spirit. That in doing so, you would find the maker of your life, and turn to Him, fully, seeking and desiring the milk of Life, His son Jesus Christ. I would plead that He would give you but a few more breaths so that in that short time, you might repent of your sinful ways, as I have pleaded and prayed for myself many a time.
I have prayed many a time to take the place of some of you, and be condemned to hell rather than seeing you to fall into the pits. I am not worthy of such a task, but if God would but allow it , I would for you. Such is my love for the lost. I am but a servant of His, yet, weak and lowly, a sinner such as you. I do not seek gratitude for my love for others. But what I seek, is what God Himself seeks in others., He wants you to humble yourself and admit, that you are a sinner as I am, in need of a Savior. He want you to surrender all to Him, all your love, all your sins, all your weaknesses, all your cares, all your worries. None of us can carry these burdens alone. We need Him.

If I could, I believe I would hang on the cross for you. And yet I know, I cannot. For only a righteous Lamb as Jesus can accomplish and do that feat. But if I could I would try for you.

I cry many a tear for you all believe or not. I anguish that some are only here for a time and will fall away, as we have seen many a time. And yet we have some, who come as lowly children, who come and believe, and grasp the promises of God, and are transformed into His image. For some it is a quick transformation, for others, it is much slower, not because of their own lack of will, but because of the will of God for His own reason for which we may never understand on this side of eternity. Never-the- less, it is not for us to question why, but to accept and do our best to live for Him.

Until He takes us home to be with Him, I will continue to pray for you all , that he will keep you and hold you and mold you to be the man you were made to be. And until He comes I will plead for you all, and if I can, I will step in to hell for you, if it would be His will.

your other brother from another mother


You Can't Always Get What you Want

Hi Guys;
I was just listening to the Rolling Stones Song: “You Can't Always Get What you Want."
As I was reflecting on these words it was brought to my mind what the Lord requires and asks of us as we live and ask of Him.
Our prayers often ask of things we would want, but they do not reflect what we need according to His plan for our lives.
How are you praying? Are you praying for wants or for needs? Do you wonder why sometimes your prayers seems to go unanswered?
Perhaps it is because you are praying for your wants instead of your needs. Our needs are what He desires that we need, not what we want. Our basic needs of course are food and shelter. For that He does provide. Which of you does not have shelter or food in your belly. Are you without shelter over your head or at least a meal a day? Look at our fellow brothers and sisters in impoverished countries. Compare yourself to themk. Are your needs met?
Pray I urge you for your daqily need and not your ewants. Then perhaps your lives will be fulfilled.
Our father which art in Heaven. Hallowed bee thy name..........................


Prayer Request

Please pray for Nathalie from Canada. She is 23 years old and has just been diagnosed with cancer.

(Update: Thanks for your prayers so far. Nathalie had a surgery and it looks like the cancer has been removed. Please keep on praying for her!)

March 7th, 2011

Invite Him in!

Unfortunately in this fast paced McDonald's want it now world, most of our time is spent up in activity which takes us away from God. But, when we do have some free time, we have gotten so used to leaving Him out of our lives that we forget to invite Him in when we do have some spare time. The moral of the story then is to make it a practice to invite Him more and more into our lives at every opportunity, so that it becomes more of a habit and a desire than doing other things which turn our minds away from Him. For example, I might guess that you spent some time this week watching T.V. Could you not have better spent that time reading His Word?  Or what about the first few minutes when you wake up and like most just lay there quietly for a few minutes. Could you not spend that time in prayer? You got the idea. The more time you spend time with Him, the less you are spending time in wordily things. And the more time you make for Him, the more you want less to spend with wordly things.
Go forth this week and have a good and Godly week, for what good is a good week, if it is also not a Godly week.
God Bless


Just a thought. I understand that it is difficult to spend quality time with the Lord with scriptural reading etc. while on vacation. But we always have quality time we can spend with Him while driving as we not close our eyes to pray, or to just think and meditate on Him and His Word. Likewise before sleep, we always have time even for a short prayer.

Priority of Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5:17: "Pray without ceasing" (King James Version)

What did the apostle Paul mean when he wrote: "Pray without ceasing"? For one, he was indicating that we can live in an attitude of prayer even though we are engaged in everyday activity. This does not mean we walk around mumbling prayers to God, though there will be days when we pray much more than in others.

Instead, the indication here leans to one of opportunity. We can have a natural attitude of prayer surrounding our lives. Prayerfulness is a sign that we are dependent on the Lord and not on ourselves. Should you pray about trivial matters? Yes. God listens to every prayer. A prayer to find lost glasses or to mentally retrieve forgotten information are worthy requests.

God has called us to be people of prayer. Communication on this level is one of intimate fellowship with the Savior. It is through prayer that we discover the goodness and personal devotion of God. Though taking time to be alone with God is the ideal, we don't have to limit ourselves. God hears our prayers no matter where we pray.

Oswald Chambers writes: "So many of us limit our praying because we are not reckless in our confidence in God. In the eyes of those who do not know God, it is madness to trust Him. But when we pray through the power of the Holy Spirit we realize the resources of God -- He is our perfect heavenly Father, and we are His children."


Not only is prayer a privilege, but it is also a command and a necessity.  Jesus said that we should "pray always." Luke 21:36 (King James Version)

Paul wrote in 2 Thess. 1:11 that we also pray always "that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power" (King James Version).

We need to pray to be in contact with God. We need to be in prayer to prayer for the need of others. We need to be in pray to communicate with God. There are very many reasons to pray. These are but a few. I suggest you do a little research and see what other reasons you can find to be in prayer. I betcha you'll find lots.

Time with God

I can understand how plans can change that cramps our quiet time with God. But, just the same, we need to make time with Him in those circumstances to. Just because your daily routine is disturbed, you still need to eat. Likewise we need our daily one on one quiet time with Him.
God bless and have a better week next week.

Spiritual Food

Prayer is, should be a constant in our daily lives. Just as much as we need food, we need prayer. I am reminded in this lesson of people who retire from many long years of work. Many fall into doing nothing at all. They become couch potatoes and it is usually not very long before they die because they have become inactive. But those on the other hand who keep active, both their minds and bodies live much much longer. And, yes, we also need to keep our spiritual lives active as well. For when we cease, it becomes stagnant and begins to decay and soon is no more.
Never cease day and night to pray, to read scriptures to be focused on Him at all times. And He then becomes our spiritual food, sustaining us by His Spirit.

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