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Jesus is Alive!

We Are the Sheep of His Pasture

We are the sheep of His pasture
There is one faith, one hope
He is the Good Shepherd
Who has laid down His Life
There is one baptism One hope
Come worship Him
Come His People
The flock of the Shepherd
We are His people
Let us sing to Him
Sing to the rock that saves us
Worship the Lord you people
The flock of His Shepherd
He is the mighty one
Who holds all creation in His hand
Bow down and worship,
      bending the knee
Looking up to the Lord
We are His people
The flock of His Shepherd
Come worship Him,
   on bended knee
ye people of His flock.



Canada's Double Portion

Tonight I attended a small concert held at the church I attend. The band playing is called Canada's Double Portion. They play a combination of styles including Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel and maybe little bit of Country Blues Gospel (rock). It was a blessing to me to listen to their music as the Lord spoke to me through their words and music. They do tour through the States. So if you ever get the opportunity to see them, go for it. You will be blessed.

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