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"Good, Insightful and Thought Provoking"

Hi Robert,

I started reading Andre's sermons this morning.

Treasures in Heaven and What is Faith.

Both were good, insightful and thought provoking.

I took note of that quote "A fool is one who chooses to live his life without God as if He does not exist."

It's so true I often think to myself,  'how is it that people can live their whole life and not consider what will happen when they die. if they will be accountable to God or not.

And if so to inquire of God and seek Him for answers.  That's just what I did when I was a teenager.  Inquired directly of God and said to Him 'If you are there I want to know you and be a small part of You.'

God answers those kind of inquiries.

Also when he quoted from Isaiah 'Come let us reason together',  this is exactly what I mean.

God wants us to confront Him directly with the questions of our heart even unbelievers who want to know if He is alive.  As He says 'If you seek Me with all of your heart, you will find Me' 

Also the sermon about faith and the sprinkling of the blood of the Lamb on the doorposts is such a great illustration God has given us of how he literally passed over the ones with the blood applied to the doorposts of their house.

We are like that house. Our life, soul and body is our earthly home and if He passed over them physically and protected them from bodily death. So too will He see the sprinkled blood on our souls and spirits and cause death to pass over us as we breath our last breath and carry us home to be with Him eternally.

Good inspiring reading, which got me thinking to do some writing also about specific things.

Pass on thanks and my appreciation to Andre. Ok  .... Good ...

Thanks ...John (USA)

(March 13th, 2011)

A Friend is a Friend to a Friend Indeed...

A couple of years ago, I met André in a Christian online group. I just came out of a very troubled life and the Lord brought me in there for a reason – even though this was not so clear to me at the beginning.

From the first day on I could tell that André was different from everyone I had known so far. Whatever was about him I did not know for sure, but one thing I knew: There is someone who is for real. Not playing games, not trying to be what he was not, but an authentic, honest and truthful man. A good man. A real man of God.

In the course of time I was fortunate to get to know him better. We started talking on the phone on a regular basis and built up a friendship like there are few. You know, even as a Christian I never really understood what that relationship between David and Jonathan was all about. It sounded kind of strange to me to say the least. Andre made this friendship come alive to me. He touched my heart like few people have so far and the bond of our friendship has become unbreakable, unsinkable. A friendship that goes beyond time and has Christ as the center of it.

After some years, God showed me the bigger picture behind our friendship. He had obviously scanned the earth to find two men that He wanted to meet for a reason. For a brief moment, He let me take a look from His perspective. He drew away the curtain and let me see things that I had not seen so far, as my tunnel vision and the narrow view of men with a weak faith like me had prevented me from trusting Him enough to let Him have the lead even though I could not understand why things happened the way they did and what the sense in all of that was. He then showed me André’s role in my life and mine in his and that I need to trust Him from now on enough to follow Him even though I might not see where it is going and why things happen the way they do.

Our friendship has stood the test of times and we have gone through a lot together. André has always been a friend that cared enough for me to tell me the truth, even though I might not have wanted to hear it. He offered me guidance and exhorted me if necessary. I have always looked up to him and respected his authority, as I could tell it was not simply a natural, but a God-given authority. He speaks like a prophet in the desert – and my heart was and is a desert that needs a voice like his. He is the spiritual guide that I have always been looking for and also a friend of the kind that you would usually read in fairy tales or knight stories. A true friend. I honestly believe that He is called for something big. André has the gift of making disciples like few other people can.

He is the sort of rabbi (teacher) that we need in these days where moral relativism reigns, faith is a private matter and the signs of the end times are everywhere. I see myself as his disciple and I thank the Lord on my knees that He offered me a friend like him.

Furthermore, André opened his own heart to me and trusted me completely. Through him, I have regained my trust in the goodness of men. Through him, I learned what being a true man of God is all about. Through him, I could see Christ Himself.

There are no words to express how thankful I am to Andre for everything he has done for me. Even if I lived a thousand years, I would never be able to repay him.

May you be blessed by his writings like I have been blessed by them. May the Lord use them to change your hearts and lives – and from there the lives of other people as well.

André, you have brought sunshine in my life at times when it was so dark around me. You showed me what loving someone unconditionally like Christ does is all about. You have never given up on me even when I lost all trust in myself and others as well.

Your favorite saying has always been:

A friend is a friend to a friend indeed when a friend is a friend to a friend in need.

You are such a friend. Some people might take offense on such a deep friendship, but it is probably because they have never experienced what a true and godly friendship is all about. I pray they will.

Being able to call you my friend is an honor and a true blessing for me.

André, you have faithfully and lovingly served many people around the globe during the last years. You told them the truth when they needed to hear it and you offered them unconditional love deep from your heart.

Keep on being who you are and never even think of changing even a little bit, even if others might tell you so, André. They killed the prophets and nailed the Son of God onto the cross – why should they treat His disciples any better?

I hope and pray that your writings will touch other people’s hearts the way they touched mine and that those who read them will in turn reach out and make disciples as well.

May the Lord keep on blessing you richly.

Your friend forever,

Robert Gollwitzer

Munich, Germany
February 2011

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